Jodi Melville

(left: Jodi Melville, before her diet; right: Jodi Melville, after her diet)

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Craving

Family: father, Mr. Melville

Bio: Jodi Melville was a student at Smallville High. She'd been overweight, and as a result, had been teased by her peers, most notably by a kid named Dustin. She'd harbored an obsession with becoming thin, leading her to try diet after diet. Finally, she'd decided to try a vegetable shake diet, consisting of vegetables grown in kryptonite-irradiated soil. The diet had worked, the kryptonite vegetables having sped up Jodi's metabolism, making her lose weight but also giving her a ravenous appetite. Soon, food hadn't ben enough, and she'd been forced to suck the fat from others in order to survive. It had started with a deer she'd accidentally hit with her car, but then, when Dustin had hit on her post-diet, she'd decided to get revenge for him tormenting her about her weight by sucking the fat from his body. Thankfully for him, Clark Kent had shown up before she could finish, forcing Jodi to flee the scene and leaving Dustin in a coma. The next night, Jodi had been preparing for Lana Lang's birthday party, when she'd experienced another hunger attack. Her date for the evening, Pete Ross, had arrived to pick her up, and she'd told him to leave, not wanting to hurt him as he'd been one of the few people that had been nice to her pre-diet. Then, disgusted with what she'd become, she'd tried to kill herself by causing a gas explosion in her father's greenhouse, but Clark had managed to save her, getting both her and Pete to the hospital.

Played By: Amy Adams