Jeremy Creek

(left: Jeremy Creek, 1989; right: Jeremy Creek, 2001)

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Pilot

Family: unknown

Bio: Jeremy Creek is a 'meteor freak', so called because he'd derived his powers from the 1989 Smallville meteor shower. In '89, while a freshman at Smallville High, some football players had stripped him down to his boxers, painted a red 'S' on his chest, and strung him up in a field like a scarecrow. Lex Luthor, then nine years old, had stumbled across him, just as the meteor shower had struck the town. As a result, Jeremy had suffered a "massive electrolyte imbalance," and fallen into a coma. In 2001, an electrical storm had hit the hospital he was in, and he'd awoken, unchanged over the past twelve years. Finding he could channel electricity, he had then sought out the jocks who'd tormented him in high school, and had used his newfound power to take his revenge. However, when Clark Kent had also been strung up like a scarecrow, Jeremy had realized the tradition was never going to stop, and had decided to electrocute everyone at the homecoming dance. Thankfully, Clark had managed to get free of his bonds, and had stopped Jeremy. In the fight that had ensued, Jeremy had been electrocuted, aging him twelve years and leaving him with no memory of how he'd gotten there.

Played By: Adrian McMorran