Derek Fox

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Kinetic

Family: unknown

Bio: Derek Fox was a former Smallville High jock, and member of a gang of kryptonite-tatted thieves. In high school, he and his friends Wade Mahaney and Scott Bowman had been all-star athletes, with offers of full scholarships from at least a dozen schools, until Wade had blown out his knee their senior year and Scott had gotten caught up in drugs. It's unknown what had happened to Derek during that time, but after graduating in '96, he and his friends had found themselves facing a bleak future and had decided to turn to a life of crime. By early 2002, they had discovered that tattoos composed of liquid kryptonite inked into their skin would allow them to temporarily phase through people and objects, and had used this knowledge to rob Smallville Savings and Loan, as well as Lex Luthor's mansion. Though the tattoos would last them about an hour each time they'd ink themselves, the tattoos had started to fade sooner and sooner, giving them less and less time in which to commit their crimes. It had been during the bank heist, in fact, that Derek's tattoo had faded, and his arm had gotten caught in the door of the bank vault, forcibly amputating it. Hoping to rectify the timing problem, the gang had recruited Whitney Fordman, who at the time had been a student at Smallville High and a jock facing the same bleak future as Derek and his friends. Initiating him into their gang with a tattoo, they'd proceeded to blackmail Lex with a disk they'd found in his mansion, but Clark Kent had intervened, convincing Whitney to turn on Wade and his friends. Furious, Wade had held Whitney underneath a suspended car, relying on one of his tattoos to save him. However, just as the car had dropped, the tattoo had faded, allowing Clark to superspeed and save Whitney. In the process, though, Wade had been crushed by the car, killing him, then both Scott and Derek had been taken into custody.

Played By: David Lovgren