Deputy Gary Watts

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Obscura

Family: unknown

Bio: Gary Watts had been a deputy with the Lowell County sheriff's department. In early 2002, he'd kidnapped Chloe Sullivan, intending on 'rescuing' her later in order to boost his career. However, thanks to a temporary psychic link to Lana Lang brought on by a kryptonite-fueled gas explosion, Lana had been able to see through his eyes, and had helped her and Chloe's friend Clark Kent find Chloe, foiling Deputy Watts's plan. Angry, he'd then kidnapped Lana, intending to kill her and be the one to 'solve' her murder. Thankfully, Clark had found them in time, having learned from Watts's partner that Watts had had a part-time job as a security guard at some carnival grounds. Unfortunately, the authorities had shown up as well, and Watts had refused to be taken in. In the end, he'd died in a shoot-out.

Played By: Darrin Klimek