Deputy Mike Vertigo

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Obscura

Family: unknown

Bio: Mike Vertigo is a deputy with the Lowell County sheriff's department. In early 2002, after Chloe Sullivan had been kidnapped, he and his partner Deputy Watts had been assigned to the case. Thanks to a temporary psychic link brought on by a kryptonite-fueled gas explosion, Lana Lang had been able to see through the kidnapper's eyes, and had led her friend Clark Kent to Chloe's location. However, the kidnapper had turned out to be Deputy Watts, who had been trying to make a name for himself by 'rescueing' Chloe. His plan foiled, Watts had then kidnapped Lana, his intent now to kill her and be the one to 'solve' her murder. Thankfully, with a tip from Vertigo, Clark had been able to figure out that Lana was being held at some carnival grounds, where Watts had had a part-time job as a security guard. Clark had managed to rescue Lana in time, but Deputy Watts had died in a shoot-out with the authorities.

Played By: Aaron Douglas