Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Kinetic; S2: Visitor; S3: Shattered

Family: unknown

Bio: Darius is a former security guard for Lex Luthor, his primary place of employment being the Luthor Mansion. In late 2003, his employment had been terminated after Lex's father Lionel had recruited him to make Lex appear insane. To do this, Lionel had faked an attack on the Luthor Mansion, during which Darius had been seemingly killed. However, after Lex had gotten away and had turned to his friend Clark Kent for help, Clark had discovered Darius alive and well, and any evidence of the attack cleaned up. Fortunately for Lex, though, Clark had found a piece of broken glass Lionel's cleaning crew had missed, and Clark had been able to piece together the conspiracy and Darius's involvement in it. Learning of this, Lex had threatened to kill Darius, but the guard had gotten away, managing to disappear to parts unknown.

Played By: Kwesi Ameyaw