Cassandra Carver

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Hourglass

Family: unknown

Bio: Cassandra Carver had been an elderly woman with the ability to see the future. In 1989, she'd been blinded by the Smallville meteor shower, but had been left with precognition. In 2001, she'd been living in the Smallville Retirement Center, when Clark Kent and his friends, Lana Lang and Pete Ross, had volunteered as part of their school's community service requirement. Cassandra had warned Clark that someone close to him was going to die soon, and then had shown him a vision of his future wherein he was surrounded by his loved ones' tombstones. She'd eventually revealed that she knew his secret, assuring him that it was safe with her, and that she had seen him before they'd met, in visions of him saving other people. Later, having heard about her abilities from Clark, Lex Luthor had paid Cassandra a visit, hoping she could tell him his future. In the vision she'd had, Lex had become President of the United States, and was standing in a field of sunflowers. The sunflowers had quickly turned into corpses, and blood had begun to pour from the sky like rain. After the vision, Cassandra had passed away, the shock of it presumably having killed her. It was then that Clark had realized Cassandra's earlier prediction regarding the death of someone close to him had been about herself.

Played By: Jackie Burroughs