Carrie Castle

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Drone

Family: unknown

Bio: Carrie Castle is the managing editor for the Metropolis Journal. In early 2002, Carrie had been a staff reporter for the Journal, when she'd been trying to make a name for herself by landing an interview with Lex Luthor. Arriving in Smallville, she'd posed as a damsel in distress whose car had broken down. When Lex had stopped to assist her, she'd started asking questions, and that's when he'd realized she was a journalist and that her car had worked just fine. He'd refused to be interviewed, but she'd persisted and he'd finally granted her an interview, with the promise that the article would be a "fair and accurate" representation of his work in Smallville and that it would help him get out from under his father's shadow. However, Lex had managed to obtain a rough draft, and had found that the exposé wasn't quite as flattering as promised and that she'd twisted everything he'd said. That's when he'd realized that she'd been sent by Lionel Luthor to use the article to discredit him. Instead, Lex had bought the paper, and given Carrie the managing editor position in exchange for killing the article.

Played By: Marguerite Moreau