Laura Potter Lang

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Pilot, X-Ray (mentioned), Leech (mentioned); S2: Redux (mentioned); S4: Scare; S5: Void

Family: ancestor, Countess Isobel Thoreaux; aunt, Louise McCallum; uncle, Dexter McCallum; sister, Nell Potter Winters; husband, Lewis Lang; daughter, Lana Lang; brother-in-law, Dean Winters

Bio: Laura Lang, née Potter, was born in 1959 in Smallville, Kansas. In high school, she'd been a cheerleader for the Smallville High Scarecrows, but had hated it and written in her diary of how she'd dreamed of leaving Smallville someday. In '77, she'd delivered her class's graduation speech, but it had been deemed too controversial and the school paper had refused to print it. That same year, she'd met and fallen in love with Lewis Lang while he was working the concession stand at the Talon movie theater. They'd later married, but then, separated sometime in 1984. In '85, while in the process of a divorce, Laura had started dating Henry Small, a descendant of the town's founding family. However, she and Lewis had eventually reconciled, and shortly afterward, had learned she was pregnant. In 1986, she'd given birth to her and Henry's daughter Lana, though her husband Lewis had thought to be Lana's father. In 1989, she and Lewis had gone to the Smallville High homecoming game, leaving Lana to be looked after by Laura's sister Nell. Afterwards, a meteor shower had struck the town, killing her and Lewis before their daughter's very eyes. In 2005, however, thanks to a fear gas, Lana had hallucinated that everyone she ever loved was dead, including her parents, and that she was helpless to stop it. Then, in 2006, following a breakup with Clark Kent, Lana had gotten hooked on a flatlining drug that had allowed her to see her parents in the afterlife.

Played By: Wendy Chmelauskas